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Visit one of our local offices in Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Welcome to the Los Angeles Headquarters for Truth 4 U, LLC – where our motto is: “We provide the truth for you”. We offer a wide variety of DNA Testing Services with local offices throughout various communities in the State of California. We have a regional office in Los Angeles, CA with a sub-office in Ventura. If you are outside of these areas in California we provide mobile collections at little or no extra charge. We are also excited about our relationships with affiliates and colleagues across all of the United States. So, if you require assistance for an out of state collection, we are able to assist you with that as well. We are also able to provide DNA Testing Services for Immigration purposes in 32 different countries, since Homeland Security requires it on occasion.

Our staff is trained and certified as sample collectors and will obtain your collection in our service center or on a mobile basis. For an appointment please call one of our service centers direct or 888-311-4 DNA. Weekend and after hours appointments are also available upon request.

Because we are local, we can provide personal care and assistance from your first call, to the appointment, to delivery of lab results by the same case manager. You will always know the person you are speaking with and everything is kept at the highest level of confidentiality.

The most requested test is for paternity purposes and with the knowledge of knowing that each child receives ½ of their DNA from their biological mother and ½ from their biological father, our test results provide you with the probability of paternity at a 99.9% and 100% for exclusions. All of our contracted laboratories are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

The process may surprise you at how easy it is to get the sample collection. We simply swab the inside of the cheek where skin cells are collected by a buccal swab (cotton-tipped). We are even able to collect samples on the day of a baby’s birth. Besides being affordable, we are also fast with results being returned in about 3-5 business days, and priority rush return options are available upon request.

Besides Paternity testing, we offer many other DNA Tests as well, see below just to list a few:

• Family Relationship Testing
• Twin Testing (Identical vs. Fraternal)
• Maternity
• Immigration
• DNA Profile
• DNA Storage
• Infidelity Testing
• Forensic DNA Testing
• Re-testing of Evidence
• Drug Test Sample Confirmations

Some reasons one may choose to proceed with a DNA Test:

• Child Support or Child Custody Issues Relationship Testing
• Social Security or Military Survivor Benefits
• Inheritance purposes
• Adoption – Reuniting relatives separated
• Surrogate Parent biological confirmation
• Infidelity
• Auto accident or other investigation where DNA is present
• Criminal cases where evidence is present
• Answers to questions for alleviation of rumors so the truth is known

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